Chief Investment Officers’ Forum

The Tenax Capital Chief Investment Officers Forum is a unique industry alliance. The forum was established in 2010 with three of the largest insurance companies in Europe. Today, the forum comprises up to a dozen European insurance companies.

The objective of the CIO Forum is to provide an overview of the financial landscape with a focus on a current issue, such as the impact of Solvency II ( November 2010) or European bank deleveraging (November 2011).

Since its launch, the CIO Forum has held six meetings.


History of meetings and topics discussed:

June 2012:         Euro crisis, Greece; lessons from Argentina, Does asset leverage for insurance companies pay?, Finding yield

November 2011: The EU Sovereign & Banking Crisis

April 2011:         Tenax Credit Opportunities Fund, European Banks & Macro outlook, Update on Solvency 2

November 2010: Solvency 2, QE Implications

July 2010:          Sovereign Risk & Bank Funding Problems, Investment Outlook

February 2010:   Solvency 2 & Investments, Tenax Investment Outlook 2010