The Tenax Financials Fund is a highly focused fundamentally driven long-short financials fund investing in the global financials sector. The Tenax Financials Fund invests globally in banks, insurance and diversified financials.

The fund is managed by Massimo Figna who has over 15 years' experience analysing financials over economic cycles, through periods of economic and valuation contraction and expansion.

The Tenax Financials Strategy comprises of two different vehicles:

1) Tenax Financial Fund Plc, launched in Jan 2005, is a Qualifying Investor Fund (QIF) authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. In September 2007 Tenax Financials Fund became the first foreign non-harmonised fund authorised by the Bank of Italy to distribute its shares to Italian institutional investors.

2) Tenax Financial UCITS Fund Plc, launched in June 2011, is a UCITS fund authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

In such a complex sector, we believe the experience of the managers alongside a disciplined investment strategy and risk management process confers a distinct competitive advantage to the Tenax Financials Fund.